Welcome, Prospectives (and freshmen)!

Simmons Hall is an MIT dormitory that houses 340 awesome undergraduates, 5,538 windows, and an unknown population of velociraptors. It’s a phenomenal place to call home during your time at the Institute, and we can’t wait to show you why.

"In the Sponge" Explained

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A Taste of Simmons

Written with love by Simmons residents:

Stepping through the front entrance, you admire the distinguished architecture and striking design of Simmons Hall. Based on a video tour and what you can find online, Simmons is already an incredible dorm, with thousands of windows, several terraces, a two-story movie theater, a giant ball pit, and dozens of lounges scattered throughout the building. However, Simmons is so much more than its facilities. It is home to an extraordinary group of undergraduates constantly doing exciting things. A dedicated house team takes care of us like no other, and we have an excellent government system, designed for openness and awesomeness.

Moseying down the hallway, you witness the vibrant life in Simmons. Pokemon drawings, physics equations, and maps from Game of Thrones adorn the curvy chalk-able walls. Laughter emanates from a group playing board games in one lounge and a massive 18.02 pset party fills another. You stop by our Housemaster's apartment to grab one of John's oh-so-delicious smoothies, and follow some enthusiastic freshmen to see their latest projects in our EE lab and workshop. Checking out a movie from front desk for later, you build a new tower out of the blocks in our mailbox lounge, and finally settle down in our dining hall to chat with some friendly Sims about life in the Sponge.

In an hour, everyone gets up to go to the house meeting, and your curiosity beckons you to follow. You grab some dessert, meet some new friends, and end up getting involved in Simmons activities. Our bi-weekly house meetings are open to every resident, and any resident can submit a proposal. Your imagination is the only limit – we've organized apple farm trips, boat cruises, Red Sox games, and Valentine's Day dinners. We've bought telescopes, servers, hammocks, speakers, and TVs. We've fostered residents' interests in fitness, cooking, gardening, and circuitry, and we've even considered playgrounds, ziplines, and teleporters (not all proposal pass). Doing cool things has never been easier than at Simmons.

On the MIT campus, all dorms are excellent, but Simmons is particularly open, diverse, and friendly. It's more than a place to live. Remember one thing, if nothing else: know that we call Simmons our home, and we welcome you to join us. We can't wait to see you in the fall!

CPW 2015 Event Schedule

Hi 2019s! We have 24 events planned for you this weekend. Bring your friends, bring your A-game, and get ready to have a great time!

Thursday, April 16

16:30-18:00 SIM.200:
Intro to Swag Stencils
Welcome to MIT! Come stencil your own personal design on FREE T-SHIRTS! Location: Simmons BBQ Pits
17:00-19:00 SIM.120:
Grill, Fill, and Chill
Get some protein with delectable burgers and hot dogs (veg* options available). Meet us on the super huge and totally functional stairs in front of Simmons. Location: Simmons BBQ Pits
18:00-20:00 SIM.368:
Inverse Curling
Who needs curling rocks when we have frozen blocks of ice? And who needs an ice rink when we have the first floor of Simmons? Sweep your team to victory with the best Swiffer has to offer and enjoy a fun game with the residents of the Sponge. Location: Hallway on first floor.
21:30-01:00 SIM.110:
Wub Wub and Wings
Play Super Smash Bros, eat some wings, and listen to Dubstep. Sounds like a great night. Location: Party room
22:00-24:00 SIM.394:
Capture the Sardines
Come and combine your two favorite group games while discovering the (insane) architecture of Simmons. Opportunities for getting accidentally-on-purpose lost are plentiful! Location: Starts in mailbox lounge, goes through Simmons
23:59-01:00 SIM.701:
Cheesecake & Late Night Sporcle Trivia
Because we all know we want to. (Sporcle is an awesome quiz website with random quizzes about everything. If you like Academic Bowl, Science Bowl, pop culture, trivia, or anything really, come play Sporcle with us!). Location: MPR.
23:59-01:00 Midnight MacSimNext Ultimate Come on Briggs field and join us in an all-out glow-in-the-dark frisbee toss between MacGregor, Simmons, and Next House! Location: Briggs

Friday, April 17

08:00-10:00 SIM.101:
Intro to Pancake Breakfast
Most important meal of the day, serving it up....Simmons's way! Location: Country kitchen
12:30-16:30 SIM.530:
Pinewood Derby
Build and design the best derby car that a momma pine tree would be proud of! Then race against each other for the title of derby champion! Location: Basement
13:00-14:00 SIM.305:
Playground Games
Go to college to get in touch with your inner child. Join us for some fun playground games! Location: Briggs
14:00-16:00 SIM.WTF:
Where's the Food??? (Salad/Henna/Scottish Country Dancing)
What's all this green stuff? Why's there brown stuff on my arm? Which one of us is Scottish? (The one with the kilt, probably.) Salad, Henna, and Scottish Country Dancing. Location: Outside!
16:00-19:00 SIM.10^30:
EVERYTHING is bigger in Simmons. Giant BALL PITS. Giant JENGA. Giant ORIGAMI. Giant TWISTER. Giant CONNECT FOUR. Giant HUMAN FOOSBALL. Giant CARDS. Giant BOWLING. except food we have Mini FOOD Location: First floor
18:00-20:00 SIM.801:
Intro to Laryngeal Oscillation
Does your voice suck? Good news - so does everyone else's! Come practice for your a capella audition early. Location: MPR
20:00-22:00 SIM.121:
Fundamentals of Ramen
So you've mastered pancake consumption inSIM.101.
Come add ramen to your resume (and stomach) at SIM.121.
We've got water, veggies, sriracha, and - of course - ramen. Location: Country kitchen
21:00-01:00 SIM.733:
Board Games and Ice Cream
Meet some of your new classmates through friendly competition! There will be games and more ice cream sandwiches than you've ever seen before. Play games and chat with your fellow MIT students. Meet us in our Dining Hall. Location: Dining

Saturday, April 18

08:00-11:00 SIM.102:
Pancake Breakfast II
Stayed up all night? It's time to break the fast since we stopped eating ice cream sandwiches well into the morning. Join us for breakfast! (or dinner!) Location: Country Kitchen
11:00-12:30 SIM.742:
Sponge Scavenger Hunt
The architect was obviously under the influence... of artistic inspiration. Can you follow the clues hidden throughout his creation? Location: Simmons-wide
12:00-14:00 SIM.122:
Applied Pizza Bagels
Come enjoy some free lunch by making your own bagel pizza with delectable toppings. You should probably eat said pizza bagels as well. Location: Country kitchen
14:00-16:30 SIM.FEST:
COME CELEBRATE IN THE ULTIMATE SIMMONS EXPERIENCE! We have Chalking Night * Scooter Hockey * Cupcake Roulette * Miracle Berry Tasting * Simmons Storytime! * Cookie decorating * Catchphrase * Simmons Tech Tours * What's in your milk? * Math and Cheese * Gatas * Chick Flicks and Nail Painting! * Cards * Foosball Showdowns * Do You Wanna Make a Snowflake? * Family Feud * Space Team and Screaming! * Part 2 of Jesse and Evan's Biannual Swagfest * Henna tattoos * (Arts and) Crafts: Friendship Bracelets and Lanyards * Secretly Slap Allen (shh don't tell Kristina) * Pinewood Derby Races * PLUS MORE! Location: First two floors of Simmons
16:30-17:30 World Famous Housemaster Break Join us for a Simmons tradition. Chat with our residents and Housemasters while enjoying John's famous smoothies and Ellen's world-renowned pancakes. Seriously, you have never had a smoothie this good. Location: 2nd floor housemaster room
19:30-20:30 Potluck Enjoy sandwiches and fruit on the Simmons terrace while watching the sunset and the Boston skyline! Location: Terrace
20:30-01:00 SIM.700:
Puzzle Hunt
A puzzle hunt made by MIT students, for MIT students. Drop in at any time and solve a few puzzles, or try to solve the meta first. Location: Simmons Dining
22:00-01:00 SIM.999:
Top of the Sponge
COME DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY on our iconic rooftop terrace with a spectacular view of the Boston skyline! We have a live jazz/electro-funk band, followed by our house DJ, and plenty of snacks, sodas, glow sticks, and more. It'll be dope as duck. Location: Simmons 7th floor Terrace

Sunday, April 19

08:00-12:00 SIM.103:
Advanced Pancake Breakfast
Stayed up all night? Come fuel up for an exciting day the right way: with a scrumptious assortment of pancakes! Make them your own with rainbow-colored batter! Location: Country Kitchen