Welcome, Prospectives (and freshmen)!

Simmons Hall is an MIT dormitory that houses 340 awesome undergraduates, 5,538 windows, and an unknown population of velociraptors. It’s a phenomenal place to call home during your time at the Institute, and we can’t wait to show you why.

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A Taste of Simmons

Written with love by Simmons residents:

Stepping through the front entrance, you admire the distinguished architecture and striking design of Simmons Hall. Based on a video tour and what you can find online, Simmons is already an incredible dorm, with thousands of windows, several terraces, a two-story movie theater, a giant ball pit, and dozens of lounges scattered throughout the building. However, Simmons is so much more than its facilities. It is home to an extraordinary group of undergraduates constantly doing exciting things. A dedicated house team takes care of us like no other, and we have an excellent government system, designed for openness and awesomeness.

Moseying down the hallway, you witness the vibrant life in Simmons. Pokemon drawings, physics equations, and maps from Game of Thrones adorn the curvy chalk-able walls. Laughter emanates from a group playing board games in one lounge and a massive 18.02 pset party fills another. You stop by our Housemaster's apartment to grab one of John's oh-so-delicious smoothies, and follow some enthusiastic freshmen to see their latest projects in our EE lab and workshop. Checking out a movie from front desk for later, you build a new tower out of the blocks in our mailbox lounge, and finally settle down in our dining hall to chat with some friendly Sims about life in the Sponge.

In an hour, everyone gets up to go to the house meeting, and your curiosity beckons you to follow. You grab some dessert, meet some new friends, and end up getting involved in Simmons activities. Our bi-weekly house meetings are open to every resident, and any resident can submit a proposal. Your imagination is the only limit – we've organized apple farm trips, boat cruises, Red Sox games, and Valentine's Day dinners. We've bought telescopes, servers, hammocks, speakers, and TVs. We've fostered residents' interests in fitness, cooking, gardening, and circuitry, and we've even considered playgrounds, ziplines, and teleporters (not all proposal pass). Doing cool things has never been easier than at Simmons.

On the MIT campus, all dorms are excellent, but Simmons is particularly open, diverse, and friendly. It's more than a place to live. Remember one thing, if nothing else: know that we call Simmons our home, and we welcome you to join us. We can't wait to see you in the fall!

REX 2015 Event Schedule

Saturday, August 29

1pm-2:30pm Picnic and Playground Games Briggs Go to college to get in touch with your inner child. Join us for some fun playground games and nom-able food!
2:30pm-4pm Frisbees and Otter Pops Briggs Wanna learn how velociraptors keep nimble? Or how we, er, escape a nimble velociraptor? Join us for a game of ultimate frisbee and gnaw away at our colorful range of otterpops!
4pm-6pm Grill Fill and Chill Simmons Grills Make new friends and chat with the Simmons park rangers while you chow down on freshly grilled burgers. Meat and vegetarian options available!
5:30pm-7pm Scottish Country Dancing Outside Who's that guys talking in the strange accent wearing a kilt? Why, it's Simmons's resident Scottish person, of course! Come take part in some Scottish Country Dancing and hear stories about the wild Haggises of Scotland!
7pm-9pm GIANT STUFF Mailbox Lounge EVERYTHING is bigger in Simmons. Giant BALL PITS. Giant JENGA. Giant ORIGAMI. Giant TWISTER. Giant DINOSAURS. Wait, what?
9pm-10pm Drive and Derive Party Room Drink from our (3^2)*11 bottles of soda, ride on Mario Kart's legendary Mobius tracks, or work on some math with some of Simmons' Course 18's.
10pm-11:59pm Wub Wub and Wings Party Room Hangout and listen for the bass drop while enjoying some delicious wings. The wings are chicken this time because we're all out of dodo birds.
11pm-1am Sporcle and Cheesecake Party MPR Yep yep, we have cheesecake! Come help us consume it (because we will eat it all ourselves if you don't...)! Sporcle is a group trivia game which we will be projecting on to the big screen - if you know about anything from obscure sports records to crystology, Sporcle is for you!

Sunday, August 30

8am-11am Pancake Grazing Late Night Cafe Good Morning! Come show us how dinosaurs eat their food.
9am-5pm Simmons Machine of War In front of Simmons Help Simmons Hall prepare for the water war by building a giant Trojan Duck (yes it is exactly what is sounds like: a GIANT rolling wooden duck)! This offensive weapon will be armed with many waterballons and spirited pre-frosh as West campus rides to victory in the Water War. Even a T-Rex would cower in fear.
12pm-2pm Pizza Bagels Simmons Grills Get fueled up before Orientation Kickoff by making your own pizza bagel! Customize your creation with different sauces and many toppings, then have one of our Park Rangers throw it on the grill for you. Carnivors and vegetarians welcome! (Please no velociraptors though)
3pm-1am Cardboard Fort Building Mailbox Lounge Go back to being a little kid and help us build a giant cardboard fort in the Mailbox Lounge. We'll be working on the construction all day and night so come along whenever to help out!
4pm-6pm Grill Fill and Chill Simmons Grills The rangers still have burgers left! Come and chill by the grills and learn how to evade pesky velociraptors. Meat and veggie options available! We promise not to serve you any dino meat.
3pm-5pm Stars and Stripes Simmons Grills Embrace your inner caveman and paint some obscure paliolithic beasts on some free T-shirts, or anything else you can think of. We have stencils, and plenty of apparel to go around.
8pm-9pm Ramen Party Country Kitchen Ramen is a dinosaur's favorite food. Oh, I'm wrong, am I? Yeah? Well, go find a dinosaur and ask them yourself.
9pm-1am Board Games and Ice Cream Dining Meet some of your new classmates through friendly competition! There will be games and more ice cream sandwiches than you've ever seen before. Meet us in our dining hall.

Monday, August 31

8am-11am Getting out of Bed is Hard Late Night Cafe But pancakes make it easier! Come down and help us empirically prove that.
9am-5pm Massive Build-Fest In front of Simmons Help Simmons Hall prepare for the water war by building a giant Trojan Duck (yes it is exactly what is sounds like: a GIANT rolling wooden duck)! This offensive weapon will armed with many waterballons and spirited pre-frosh as West campus rides to victory in the Water War. Even a T-Rex would cower in fear.
4pm-5pm Inverse Curling First floor hallway Turn curling on its head and roll some blocks of ice down the hall! because it's not the ice age anymore.
12pm-3pm Shield Painting and Flag Making In front of Simmons Feeling like an artisic knight? Prepare to claim victory for West Campus in the Water War by painting your battle shield or making flags!
7:30pm-9pm Sponge Scavenger Hunt: REX Edition Mailbox Lounge Make your way through the most puzzling of MIT’s dorms on the path to become the first team to find the hidden Coin! This hunt is an exciting, fast-paced combination of math, shape, and word puzzles set within the challenge of finding clues scattered throughout Simmons Hall. To compete, arrive close to the start time (7:30 PM), as a limited number of teams will be able to participate. See you there!
9pm-3am Simmons Puzzle Hunt Dining A puzzle hunt made by MIT students for MIT students. Drop in at any time and solve a few puzzles, or stay as long as it takes to get to the end!
10pm-1am Top of the Sponge 7th Floor Terrace Raise the roof /on/ the roof of Simmons Hall! Party it up as you break it down with new friends against the backdrop of the MIT campus and Boston skyline. Snap up hors d'oeuvres and light up the night with glowsticks, everyone's favorite [non-toxic] luminescent chemicals. This will truly be the pinnacle of parties.
11:59pm-2am Simmons Sleepover Soirée MPR Come hangout with us as we do super awesome nail art, consume impressive amounts of junk food, and watch chick flicks!

Tuesday, September 1

8am-11am Mystery Breakfast Late Night Cafe There will be food, breakfast food. We have not been authorized by our research staff to say more at this time.
1pm-5:45pm Water War Prep In front of Simmons Help Simmons prepare for the Water War in front of the large steps in front of Simmons.
5:30pm-5:45pm FOR THE GLORY OF THE MOTHERSPONGE! In front of Simmons COME ONE, COME ALL, AND MARCH FOR THE GLORY OF THE MOTHERSPONGE! (to the water war that is, trojan duck included)
3pm-5pm Salad and Henna Country Kitchen or Late Night Cafe Sick of eating burgers and hot dogs? Embrace your inner brontosaurus or triceratops by munching on some salad! We also have Henna!
6pm-7:30pm The Consolation Dinner Simmons Grills Celebrate the heroes! Mourn the fallen! Win or lose, let's eat!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST EVERYWHERE The biggest hoolakalooza of events everrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! 2nd Annual Swagfest Front door hunt 'em down
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Battle of the Fakes MPR Forget skill, your goal is to make it look cool. ft. Lip syncing, shakespearean acting, movie swordfighting, etc. (This event will occur in the second half of SimFEST)
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Card Games Late Night Cafe Cards Against Humanity, Mao, President, BS, Go Fish, Egyptian Ratscrew, UNO. Come play some quirky card games! If you have one we haven’t heard of, just tell us the rules.
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Cupcake roulette Country Kitchen Mayonnaise or marmalade? Wasabi or walnut? What will you get in your mystery cupcake?
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Decorating Rainbow Cookies Country Kitchen Come make cookie art and feed it to the dinosaurs! Or decorate two and feed yourself as well. Masterpieces will be eaten.
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Dinos, Dramatic Music, and DIY Ice Cream Front Dining Take a break from hunting dinos to feast on frozen dairy, handcrafted by you.
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Emboss like a Boss Craft Room Entrance Basic introduction to the magical Simmons Craftroom (magical wardrobe not required)
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Gatas After Dinner Pool Table (2nd Floor) fast-paced pool table game. Come and join!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Henna Tattoos Late Night Cafe Your first day of college? Get a tattoo! A temporary one of course – but your folks don't have to know that.
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! MAFIA! Hammock Lounge (2nd Floor) A party game of scumhunting, deceit, and villainy!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Mahjong Tilemasters Late Night Vanquish your opponents in MAHJONG, the 4-player tile game of skill, luck, and fun, to become a Tilemaster!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Minute To Win It Private Dining Mini games + 60 seconds on the clock. Do you have what it takes?
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Powerpoint Karaoke MPR We prepared the slides, and you won't be prepared (This event will occur in the first half of SimFEST)
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Resistance Library Sad that you died on the first night in Mafia? Play Resistance!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Scooter Hockey Dining Roll around on scooters in Simmons dining and act like you are in 4th grade again! Score goals! Claim everlasting glory!
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Space Team and Screaming Outside the music room play space team and scream.
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! Water War Private Dining But this time with ping pong balls (This event will occur in the second half of SimFEST)
7pm-9pm SIMFEST! How to Microwave Mailbox Lounge Cooking like a real college student!
9pm-10:30pm Real Talk MPR Want to know how students deal with pset deadlines? What to do if your roommate wants the room to themselves for the night? The meaning of life? Come and ask any question you want, anonymously, to our diverse panel of residents. They have sworn to tell the truth.
10:30pm-11:59pm S'mores Simmons Grills Stay by the campfire (read: grill) and tell scary stories or take your s'mores to go - just don't wander too far or the T-Rex will get you! Vegan marshmallows available.
10:30pm-11:59pm Sardines Mailbox Lounge Enjoy reverse hide-and-seek in the architectural wonder which is Simmons Hall. Keep your eyes out for any free-ranging dinosaurs...
11:59pm-2am Slender Man MPR It's just a forest, they said. It's just eight little pages, they said. It's just absolutely terrifying is what it is! Come play scary games in the dark with us. Can provide people to huddle in terror with and comforting snacks. Cannot provide peace of mind.

Wednesday, September 2

8am-11am Breakfast Dinner Late Night Cafe There's nothing better than pancakes after a frenzied night of collecting pages or sardines or marshmallow goodness. Join us for more of our wonderful assortment of regular and rainbow pancakes!
10pm-11pm Throwing ALL of the Water Balloons All of Simmons Those folks that didn't help out with REX events... we are coming... with velociraptors.... and lots of squishy water balloons left from the water war. Rawr.