Simmons DB

This is the Simmons DB, a student-created database of our dorm life. Check this out for a directory, your current packages, and the current house government proposals.

Contact with any concerns with the DB.

Simmons Government

Simmons has its own unique government structure. From our student led initiatives to our unique social "lounge" structure to our open house meetings and proposals, we have so much to get involved with.

Contact the Simmons officers at

Resident Scholar Program

Learn about the Resident Scholar program and events at Simmons.

Simmons Constitution

Simmons has its own Constitution. Read it in its full text.

House Meeting Voting Procedures

View a graphic explaining the voting procedures specified in our constitution.

Housing Policy

Contact our Rooming Assignment Chairs at for more information

House Meeting Notes

Ask not what your government can do for you, but what they've already done! House meeting notes, taken by the Secretary.

Simmons Reservation Calendar

View the reservations of the various facilities that Simmons has to offer! These facilities include the MPR, the party room, and the private dining room.

Contact our Reservations Chair at for more information.

Reservation Bylaws

Contact our Reservations Chair at for more information.

Lounge Bylaws

Contact our Social Chair at for more information.

Simmons Tech

Simmons has an active Tech Committee that takes care of all tech-related things at Simmons. View all the things we do here!

Contact for more info.

Simmons Videos

Watch our old i3's and other videos we've made over the years.

Simmons Anthem

The official anthem of Simmons Hall, the best undergraduate dormitory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, performed by our unbelievably charismatic resident vocalist Zach Tomlinson.

Work Orders

Use this link to file work orders.

Comment Cards

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Send them in here.